Interior deco apps and furniture design

It is very, very rare to find individuals who know-their-knows in tech, and by means of knowing what you really know is to be able to break down every single programming code and re-programme for your very own use. The irony about listing what fluency is in your CV (concerning a software programme) is a definition that runs a wide-spectrum.

Plus, it is impossible to expect everyone to have the time and to put in the effort to write their own codes for that one specific task. For instance, our web design was simply a click of a design, and that’s because it takes too much time to design a website in the absence of a template. But that does not mean that our editors do not know how to build one, it’s because we have other priorities to manage. If you have designed your own website, good for you! And you should be proud of it.

Knowing that most of us are very busy people, our editorial is very keen to introduce and to outreach mobile apps and software applications that does not require an advanced degree to understand it. Part of journalism is to restructure the content and the application of a product to the general audience.

We have a few residential apartments that require some renovation works and would be lovely to showcase some apps that would ease the interior deco process.

A commissionised Project Design is a possibility, and having said so we are not looking into receiving sponsored products or free gifts but would like to educate members of the public on how technology and new products that can ease their lives and possibly to avoid purchasing products that they will never use. It is quite astonishing on how many items were brought over the years and were used perhaps twice in the span of five years, and had to be dug out from the storage room that is filled with cobwebs…

We are seeking for recommendations, if there’s a suitable exchange or trade, it shall be a delight to hear from you as a partner.

– NaoRococo editorial.

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