2019 Items worthy your pennies

Happy Lunar NEW YEAR!!!恭喜发财,猪事顺利!

Thanks for keeping a close track on this media-publishing blog, NR. The editorial board wishes all readers in good health and prosperity in the year of boar/piglet/pig.

The year of piglet, 2019 will be a tough year for the economy, worldwide. China’s economic progress has reached its saturation and has been slowing down since 2013…..  I don’t think a bill-out or recession will be happening anytime soon, so if you are looking for a change in your environment, perhaps swapping an item or two in your house would be worthy to uplift your spirits.


Designs that last a life-time. Classic and elegant. Retro, and not in XL sized to overwhelm other arte deco furnishings. It is quite difficult to put things in the wrong if you have one of these side tables.

Photo Frames

If you are feeling life has been a limbo, why not freshen up your walls with new prints and photographs. Black or silver rims. P.S: If you are a huge fan of colours, Pantone has announced colour of the year – Living Coral. You would need a gold frame.

pantone 2019


A good interior design balances the top and bottom. The overview of the design should be clean, spacious and seen light-in-weight. A heavy chandelier requires a massive space, and obviously the opposite fits well in a confined space. New real estates built in Singapore and Hong Kong have a much restricted functional space than their neighbouring countries. On a scale measurement, every inch is equivalent to gold, or more.  Minimalism finds its usefulness in this context. Be it modern or retro.



Lamps and Stools made of porcelain can cost a bomb in the US and Europe. The pricing runs down to supply and demand, really. If you are looking to introduce modern fine oriental furnishings, few pairs of chopsticks might do the trick but porcelain is the fastest approach.

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