Jackson Pollock : Drip

You might have watched the blockbuster – The Accountant . Excellent choice! The guy who knows the rules and hijacks to his advantage. That red piece of black dripped art painting Free Form, 1946 which made its appearance in the movie, of course,  was not the original piece by Pollock.

For those who do not know who Pollock was…well, an American artist who died in a car crash in 1956, leaving behind several pieces of completed and incomplete drip canvas artworks to his close ones. There are some art imitations of Pollock’s techniques – drip. If you have mistaken Pollock’s artwork as a production from a recent artist, it shouldn’t come as a surprise then.

Pollock’s abstract works are difficult to decipher, particularly in the absence of the titles. But there’s always a connection between his titles to his abstract expressions. While some require coffee time for its didactic journey, there are a few selective Pollock’s artworks that are quite clear and clean cut.


The She-Wolf, 1943. Jackson Pollock. Source: WikiArt. 

So you may then ask, what’s the price of an original Pollock’s? And since Pollock was an artist long before he died, what has happened to all his artworks?

First of all, Pollock didn’t start throwing paints on his canvas during his early career – before 1940. He was shifting between modern fascism art and abstract expressionism. His ideas were clearly not in agreement with fascism art during the 1930s and made transitions to surrealism. Between 1938 and 1942, Pollock made drastic transitions in his art expression. By 1943, Pollock was dripping paints but only went limitless in 1945/1946. The drastic change that began in 1943 was probably encouraged by his contract with Peggy Guggenheim which permitted him to work full-time on art. Pollock worked on huge un-stretched canvas and his main production was restricted to years 1943 -1956. About 13 years.

Pollock took 10 years to define who he was, and became one of the most recognized artists in America.

The highest bid for Pollock’s artpiece was Number 17A in 2017 priced at USD $200 million. Another notable bid was the No. 5 , 1948 priced at USD $140 million in May 2016; approximated at USD 164 million in 2018.  Most of Pollock’s artworks belong to private collections and were on museum tours in the United States during 2016.


Number 17A, 1948. Jackson Pollock. Source: WideWalls.ch

Unless you are able to sneak or be invited to one of these private sales arranged by galleries or art auction foundations, to privately own one of Pollock’s drip would be best to purchase digital prints of his paintings.

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