Insane Marketing Stunts

This featured writing is a dedication to dreams – ‘Acts that you would have thought of as a child but never quite had the budget to make it happen. ‘

The very first advert that came to mind was Sony’s Bravia Bouncy Balls in San Francisco, 2005. A case of at least 250,000 balls thrown off Filbert Street. If you have visited SF, it is difficult to miss those numerous steep gradients that depart from the city malls. Riding a bicycle up those hills would be a nightmare. Dropping the bouncy balls was the easy part, but the cleaning up took about five days of picking-up labor from 60 people. Images of the advert are available for purchase in art-photo galleries such as LUMAS.

How high up can my balloon take me?

Going to space is expensive, but even if you have the money to do so, it is tremendously difficult. Not only stamina and impressive physical strength are required, fixing some machines and putting together blots and screws are part of the checklist.

Sending one of your items up to space and to view planet Earth as its background seem like a very rational thing to do. It is uncertain whether this Nike shoe (advert by Space150) shown in the picture had returned to Earth in a functional state, but what is fairly certain- when Samsung did send one of its mobile devices (Galaxy S10) up above clouds to prove its picture resolution stability, the device was carefully dissected from its impact over/on ground.

Color me pink… Oh wait, maybe blue, oh wait, some green, oh wait and maybe some yellow too

The best end-product marketing strategy is one that changes the well-being and quality of life of not one individual, but the entire village. Google Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia. An expenditure of $25,000 spent on rainbow paints. Much #pride. Makes everyone happy.

Scent and Sight. Classic vogue, and budget? What’s that?

Millions of flowers at Raf Simons’ Dior debut show, 2012. Hours before the show, each room cabin carried its unique scent. A different setting, a different mode, combination of different flowery colors, and a classic vogue.

Because Raf used to be a minimalist for menswear. Maybe he is still a minimalist designer but has already shown his flair in fashion design, and incorporating the tiny gist of style elements and statement, “Ah! That’s something from the house of Christian Dior’s”.

To enjoy the show it is best to watch the movie ‘Dior and I’ <Dior et moi>.

It is safe to declare that some insanity are required to produce some absolutely borderline not-very-ordinary genius work. And not everyone would agree.

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