Sticks & Wings


Location: Blk 106, Clementi Street 12 (off Sunset way)

Sticks & Wings a round-the-block restaurant located at the West of Singapore is serving local favorites. Founder Mr Kai Wei TOH believes that barbecue processed Singaporean strieet food deserves more recognition. Mr Toh is formerly a teacher with a Masters in Education, and left teaching to pursue his passion for local cuisine.

The founder has certainly mastered the art of barbecuing and charcoal-grilling to deliver the perfect plate of ‘sticks & wings‘.

Satay and Peanut Sauce
Squid, also known as Sotong in South East Asia (SEA) served on banana leaves. Sauce: Sambal Chilli Paste

NR editor’s note:

The meat is good for casual gatherings. The pricing of the food and location are well-catered for polytechnic students studying at Singapore or Ngee Ann. Sticks & Wings uses the traditional use of charcoal for barbecuing, and hence the food retains the natural flavors of the food. The side-dips and spices work in harmony with the taste of the meat.

Dory Fillet With Sambal
Dory Fillet with Sambal
N.B: Sambal chilli paste (homemade) is also available for purchase at Sticks & Wings at two for SGD $5. You will find Dester beers there too. Dester – a South Korean brewery. 


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