Lumiere London 2016, UK

For most, winter is not the most inviting season of the year. Lumiere London lights up the grey and wet season across four of London’s most exciting areas: King’s Cross; Mayfair; Piccadilly, Regent Street and St James’s; and Trafalgar Square and Westminster. 17th January 2016 will be your last chance to see the installations in London, UK. Here are some of the highlights. Courtesy photos: Michelle Leung.

Janet Echelman’s 1.8 London installation

Janet Echelman London installation


Les Luminéoles, LED-fish ‘swimming’ in Piccadilly area. The installations float and move which creates fish dancing in the air. 

Les Luminéoles




Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) by Cédric Le Borgne, you will find these human forms on the rooftops along London’s West End, St.James area. 




Source: NaoRococo (NR); For more information, visit Lumiere London.

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