There’s Something Underneath The Carpet…

  “grawesome” 78 inches (199cm). Oil on canvas. 2014

ICMYI Artstage P4

Artist: Antonio Santin, Spanish born artist currently lives in New York
Presented by: Marc Straus Gallery, New York at the 2016 ArtStage Exhibition, Singapore

If you were to take a closer look at Antonio’s rag artworks, it is not something that you would place on the floor. Those beads are oil. Oil on canvas, it is. The magnified version belongs to the bottom-left section of the huge painting.



Editor’s note
This article is part of the In-Case-You-Missed-It (ICMYI) 2016 ArtStage Exhibition. Pictures shown in this article may not be a good representation of the artworks’ original colors or shade.

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Source: NaoRococo



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