Ten Years of President’s Design Award Commemorative Publication

Award recipients share their stories to inspire designers of the future and bring Singapore design to greater heights

Singapore, 10 May 2016- The DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) jointly launched a commemorative publication – ‘President’s Design Award 2006 – 2015, A Decade of Design Excellence’, to celebrate 10 years of Singapore design excellence.

President’s Design Award (PDA) is the most prestigious recognition of design excellence and creative innovation across all design disciplines in Singapore. It is the highest honour accorded to designers and designs that have made an impact on everyday life. The publication features categories from 2006 to 2015. It encapsulates the design achievements by PDA recipients and highlights the impact of PDA on the design sector and the society as a whole.

‘The PDA has identified and honoured many designs and designers, including Singaporeans working internationally and making an impact worldwide with the Singapore design brand. Their designs have improved quality of lives of many Singaporeans and others who encounter their work. We hope these design leaders will inspire young designers in their quest and passion for innovation and excellence,’ said Mr Robert Tomlin, Chairman of the President’s Design Award Steering Committee and the DesignSingapore Council.

Mr Ng Lang Chief Executive Officer of URA said, ‘ The PDA has been a testimony to the large pool of fascinating talents in Singapore’s design sector. I have no doubt their achievements will inspire future generations of designers to push the boundaries of good design to enrich people’s lives and make our city distinctive.’

Besides the publication, an immersive multimedia exhibition showcasing the works from the award recipients was also set to commemorate this significant milestone of PDA. THe showcase was first staged at the National Design Centre during the launch of the Singapore Design Week 2016, and it is now on display at the URA Centre until May 27th 2016; as shown in video.

Location: URA Centre Lobby, 45 Maxwell Road (Singapore)

Source: DesignSingapore Council, Urban Redevelopment Authority

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