WGallery, The Waterhouse

May 12, 2016 – The Waterhouse is proud to launch an online art store, WGallery. The purpose of WGallery is to highlight and to recommend artists coming different parts of the World to art lovers. NaoRococo likes to believe that all, if not, most of our readers enjoy art and appreciate art showcase.

WGallery is a new venture to The Waterhouse, and as similar to NaoRococo, this platform is made possible with the aid of fellow friends of the founder – Lin (林). WGallery has its central aim to showcase artworks that are of i) with investment value; ii) pleasing to the eyes; iii) to offer some characteristics of the artwork and the artist. We are starting off with Natasha Lien’s art collection, and if you like what you see, write an email addressing to WGallery.

NaoRococo will continue to serve its purpose, and as much as the writers and correspondents enjoy sharing our travel experiences and, our perspectives on culture and artworks, we have our time constraints to spend writing on a featured piece. The predominant reason on why the articles published in NaoRococo and WGallery are condensed and written as accurate as possible at the time of publication. If any correction or error has been corrected for, the correction will be indicated at the end of the published article.

As similar to NaoRococo, WGallery will go through several phases of re-design to optimize its purpose. NaoRococo is presently known among art lovers through word-of-mouth. If you have not realized, we do not have an official social media account for NaoRococo or The Waterhouse. In the near future, we might consider the social media option. As for now, we would like to remain a bit exclusive for the audience, the artists, the artworks and our next potential buyer.

Thank you for the continuous support.

Website: http://wgallery.net

Picture shows the mobile interface of WGallery. 

Source: NaoRococo, WGallery and The Waterhouse

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