Victor Enrich: The Hyper-realistic Master


A while ago, NaoRococo’s (NR) column briefly introduced Victor Enrich’s reshaping skills. You may now purchase his hyper-realistic prints here; click on Artists & Designers tab (top right hand corner; and Victor Enrich).

Victor’s limited edition prints come in three sizes: 35 cm; 60 cm; 120 cm. In contrast to mass production, limited edition is fixated to a number of prints for each photograph or design, and each print is labelled in sequence. If you are also in favor of a specific fraction e.g. 1/20 or 3/7 or simply one-of-a kind, send your request to Victor. Prices range between  220 to 9500 euros, depending on size and its limited prints.

Here is one of our editorial’s all-time favorite of Victor’s hyper-realistic masterpiece:


Medusa 1200px before


Medusa 1200px

For more specifics on Digigraphie, the paper-type and Epson printer, visit:

Source: NaoRococo

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