Some publishing policy updates at NR

As established in October 2015, NaoRococo | The Waterhouse has gone through several phases of development. We have changed the design layout three times, and the selection of the published content is driven by Lin, the founder.

As much as corporates enjoy the media management by communications personnels or a broadcasting service provided by a collaborative media partner, NR is of no triple-Js to assist or to smoothen the dissemination of the news for free. Particularly, an event that is deemed rightful to be published and to prove our loyalty towards our nationality and/or ancestry.

The editors and correspondents have the rights to include and exclude content, and to distribute the type of information which is appropriate to our readers and audience. Dissemination of information and writings are not subjected to bias.

We do not broadcast an event in advance or during the launch of an event unless it fulfills our following policy to qualify for a full waiver. Any news dissemination prior to launch or at launch may be subjected to charges. Refer to media pack: NaoRococo The Waterhouse 2016:17 Media Package or to Table 1 as shown.


Here’s an update of our policies, About & Advertising tab:

As much as we like to attend events and accepting invitations, we cannot guarantee any writings to be published on any of The Waterhouse sites. We are no triple-Js to smooth the process for public-relations personnels and delegates. To qualify for full waiver, content must fulfill one of the followings: i) education, ii) non-profit organizations, iii) environmental awareness, iv) proves to be beneficial to members of the public or a specialized committee.  

Source: NR editorial

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