Hijack-ed via mobile apps

Our platform was hijacked a few times while I, the founder and sources from contributory groups forwarded their first-hand information to NaoRococo. I take the hijack as the compliment that it was targetted by people that we do not know and are kept in the dark.

Be it for attention, we don’t really care about such attempts, and for the rest of you who are keen on cyber security, it is advisable to set a strong password for every single mobile app and registered account. However, the sudden release of your un-saved work or distortion of phrases of news releases do happen for reasons that we do not quite understand their agenda.

Lin and the remaining editorial board members are quite busy, and we do not wish to pursue further action on such deliberate attacks.

We thank you for all the time and effort to interrupt our platform, and perhaps to interpret such malicious attacks as hints of jealousy. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Next post – Living it up to The House of Dior: 70 years of Haute Couture.




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