AI Art

This might be a tack bit of an old news since Christie’s first auction of Artificial Intelligence work piece has gone on a showcase to be sold and hung on the wall. The choice of selling a physical object for an aesthetic intent questions – What is Art ?

And here comes the open market question, Would you buy an Artificial Intelligence Artwork home?

I wouldn’t, but some AI geeks might beg to differ.

If I were to plot a graph with the x-axis and the y-axis, and perhaps to include a z-axis to make it three-dimensional, is that Art?

In Science maybe it is a work of Art, but that’s basically graphic presentation and an expression to define its brilliance in the presentation of an exceptional piece of finding. A presentation to ease interpretation of a concept or an answer of a complex hypothesis. Whether it is truly a piece of Art seems a lot more philosophical than what we have casually perceived.

Over at Christie’s blog , a very simple mathematical equation and several pieces of AI generated artworks were listed as the spotlights for the auction. From an art review perspective, the generated AI artworks appear to be a hybrid – Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and some late works of Picasso. If AI generated works were to be considered as Art, it is probably best to describe it as a piece of writing which is filled with an abundance of adjectives.

Most artists, human artists, would agree that drawings or paintings were drawn in a specific-way because of how they feel. Mood.  They could paint the moon blue and not quite with the usual zinc white shade. Because of their feelings.

Would it be possible to insert algorithms that are responsible for feelings into AI and generate an art piece according to AI-feelings?

To buy art or to kill art is all-in-all a personal subjective choice.

If examples were to be drawn from the amount of ridiculous prices that were paid to purchasing almost a white clean canvas, AI generated art is probably an alternative door to something different and considered as an appropriate priced contemporary artwork.

Whether AI-generated art would gain its popularity or to change consumers’ preferences from digital photoshop limited prints, the uncertainty remains in the grey zone.






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